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Bourna is built at Inverness & East 19th Street in Vancouver.

It was completed in November 2013 and was our first larger-scale development. It is an L-shaped building with 9 townhomes built over an underground parking

One of the challenges we had to overcome at this project was large lower roof overhangs. We needed to incorporate the lower roof overhangs and still build something that looked great on the exterior. 

All of the units had Telus Fibre delivered to the units which was advanced for the time. The layouts for the units were made to mirror each other to increase the floor width and create more livable spaces for homeowners.

Previous project:


Located at 3800 Fleming Street in Vancouver.

Nava was finished in November 2017 and is 7 Separate Buildings on a single lot.

This project had to incorporate Code 3 Energy Step Code Implementation. We also put in Waterfall Countertops on the kitchen islands which was not a common design item at the time.

Building since 2004

East 14th

Triplex completed in 2016 in Vancouver. 3 story units with four bedrooms and crawl spaces for extra storage.


Duplex completed in 2015 in Vancouver. Front and back Craftsman style duplex with 3 storeys and private top floor master suites.


Duplex completed in 2012 in Vancouver. Front and back 2 story duplexes with crawl spaces.


5 Units completed in 2010 in Vancouver. Combination of a side by side duplex and 3 single family homes.


4 single family homes completed in 2009 in Vancouver. 2 and 3 story smaller footprint homes.


Side by side duplex completed in 2007 in Coquitlam. Large square footage units with double car garages.


Side by side attached duplex completed in 2005 in Coquitlam. 2 storey homes with 3 bedrooms and a den.

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